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Set Up for Success with Broward College’s Teacher Education Program

Ryan Marin – Bureau Chief Broward college offers Bachelor of Science degree programs in various areas of Education. The college currently offers degrees in Exceptional Student Education, Secondary Biology, and Secondary Mathematics. According to Elizabeth Molina, Dean of Academic Affairs, these degrees were chosen because they are considered critical shortage areas in the field of teaching. “These areas represent the

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Broward College Celebrates Hispanic Heritage Month

Leonardo Lopez – Staff Writer With Broward College officially having kicked off its annual Hispanic Heritage Month celebration on Sept. 15, several events have been announced to take place throughout the duration of the cultural period. As Hispanic American Month spans through Oct. 15, it is important to note that October also observes Italian History Month. Domenica Diraviam, Senior Instructional

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College Scholarships at BC are Numerous and Money-Saving

Marquis Grant – Staff Writer Finances in college and university are often important and can be a challenge for students to manage. Scholarships often provide access for many students to attend a higher education institution. Many students may not know that they are still able to apply for and receive scholarships after acceptance and while attending a college or university.

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Lore Olympus, a Modern Take on the Myth of Persephone

Colette Tamburini – Online Editor Greek Mythology takes a modern twist in Rachel Smythe’s Lore Olympus, a retelling of the Abduction of Persephone legend. Since its debut in March 2018 on the platform Webtoon, the webcomic has garnered over 299 million views and 5.3 million subscribers. It’s no secret that Lore Olympus’ popularity is mainly due to the engaging story,

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New Movies Worth Watching in the Coming Months

Lachin Kerbabaeva – Staff Writer The end of September again pleases the audience with impressive premieres. The documentary Eating Our Way to Extinction, directed by Ludo and Otto Brockways and narrated by Kate Winslet, was released on Sept. 16. The film takes viewers on a journey around the world from Scotland to the Amazon rainforest, telling stories about food production and

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