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The way I makeup: Volume 1

Michelle Castano      Editor-in-Chief The age of the influencer. The age of the Instagram model. Ten years ago, we wouldn’t have imagined that these trendy hobbies would be become lucrative careers. Within the beauty industry, we are seeing beauty bloggers collaborating with well- known makeup brands.  Most recently, Colourpop Cosmetics launched a loose pigment eyeshadow collaboration with KathleenLights.  This

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Roswell, New Mexico should be abducted for second season

Michelle Castano Editor-in-Chief The CW. Home to many supernatural young adult highly rated television shows such as The Vampire Diaries, it’s series spin-off known as The Originals, and most recently, Riverdale. Airing on Jan. 15, the CW premiered its latest supernatural show, called Roswell, New Mexico. Back in the late 90’s, early 2000’s the original show, named Roswell was a

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The big chill: Polar vortex freezes the northern U.S.

Anabel Sanchez Online Editor Schools have closed, wet hair freezes within minutes and boiled water turns into ice within seconds. Mimicking imagery straight out of Day After Tomorrow, a phenomenon known as the polar vortex has assaulted the north of the U.S this winter. The blistering cold has caused numerous business and mail services to cease operations, also prompting flight

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Students have opportunities to study abroad

Thandie Brown Staff Writer Studying abroad is one the most exciting things you can do in college outside of starting your own club and finishing your degree on time.  Broward College’s Study Abroad homepage defines study abroad as, “an academic program which provides students with the opportunity to travel the world while earning credit toward their degree.” Students have the

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Cast your vote for Professor of the Year

Michael Gennaro North Bureau Chief Since 1982, Broward College has awarded its most esteemed professors and adjuncts the Professor of the Year award. From Feb. 4 to Feb. 27, voting for the 2019 professor of the year award will be open to all Broward College students. On North and South Campuses, one full-time and two adjunct professors are eligible to

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