International Partnerships- The Center for Global Education Allows Lima, Peru Residents toStudy in Broward College without Leaving the Country

Alessandra Claro

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As a community college, Broward College has various international partners from around the world. This college’s international partners include the countries of Bolivia, Brazil, China, Ecuador, India, Indonesia, Peru, Spain, Sri Lanka, and Vietnam.

The Center for Global Education (CGE) program for Peru was approved by SACSCOC in 2010. In 2021, Broward College stood among the three finalists for the Aspen Prize due to their academic excellence, positioning them for the fourth time in the top ten universities for this award. The international partner they have for Lima, Peru is the USIL university. This means that the Center for Global Education (CGE) campus is located at USIL University, which is at Av. la Fontana 550, La Molina 15024, Lima, Peru. Here the students will take all of their Broward College presential courses. Their virtual courses are offered via Zoom.

For the students to enter Broward College, their grades from school need to be evaluated and they would also need to take the virtual ACCUPLACER exam, which consists of English exams and a math exam (also in English). Nonetheless, they will be required to write a short essay about a topic they choose. This program also offers scholarships at a 30 percent discount to students who have achieved being in the upper third of their school. Students who want to get more information about the program can also contact:

The program aims to get students their Associate’s degree (AA) and then transfer to the college from any part of the world that they want to and guides their students through this process since Broward College has a network of prestigious universities.

The outstanding feature of the CGE program is that students can begin their careers in their home country while also taking all of their subjects in English with professors who are native or accredited English speakers. In this way, students have more time to apply to the colleges they want to go to without missing valuable study time, and at the same time, they have more knowledge about the process of applying to colleges in order to get a better chance at being accepted at them. There are many former students from the CGE that entered prestigious universities and even obtained scholarships.

Another benefit for students who start their education in their country of residence is that they are able to stay there for more time and enjoy the time they have left. This way, they can already begin to adapt to the American system but, at the same time, stay with their friends and family and share their experiences. This is before they transfer to their desired college in another part of the world.

The students who earn the AA degree at CGE will also be immediately admitted into one of Florida’s twelve state universities, and once this transfer is made to the Florida college, it is guaranteed that all their credits will be transferred. However, colleges from around the world may not accept all the credits that the students have earned.

Those students who successfully complete the program’s prerequisites will also receive an Associate’s degree once they have earned 60 credits, which usually takes students two years to complete, or in other words, four semesters.

This is unless they successfully transfer enough credits to ditch a semester from Broward College. The transferred credits can come from institutions where the students have already taken these subjects. They can transfer these credits, for example, from a former college or college they have been to or from schools with programs like the International Baccalaureate Diploma.

Melissa Márquez is an example of a student who has successfully graduated from the CGE and is now a senior digital project manager at Alicorp. Her career is general business administration, which she finished at her transfer university, which is the University of South Florida. According to her on the CGE website, CGE fulfilled the expectations she had and even surpassed them. She mentions how it is thanks to the CGE that she expanded her vision and that she has learned to handle the challenges she faces nowadays as a professional and as a leader.

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