Discover Your Creativity through the Fall of 2020

Arianna Allen

Online and Podcast Editor

Even though Broward College has decided to continue remote learning into the fall semester of 2020 to attempt to stop the spread of COVID-19, it does not mean that we have to stop the development of our creativity that ignites our souls.

Our intricate brains were designed with such complexity and meticulous detail to function and were not created to be confined to the dimensions of our laptops. Each and every single one of us were created for more.

Once we understand what we were created for, we will be able to benefit from the creative mindset socially, economically and educationally. Being able to enhance our creativity evokes our passions and brings out our dreams in all aspects of our lives.

In a recent interview with Broward College Assistant Professor of English, Marjetta Geerling, she defines creativity as “the process of taking something that first exists in your mind and making it a part of the concrete world.” In other words, creativity is having a vision that is turned into a reality.

Each successful individual has a vision at some point and time to turn their vision into something more. Individuals like Thomas Edison, Michael Jordan and Vera Wang each envisioned a goal in their minds—and pursued that goal allowing their dreams to be a reality. To dream is to create.

Professor Geerling, a strong advocate for students discovering their creative side, reiterated that creativity looks different for everyone, suggesting that “different artist expressions come out differently.”

Creativity is immeasurable, allowing the unique measures on an individual’s mind to remain valued through our differences.

When you think about it, creativity is all around us—in all different shapes, sizes, and forms.

From the choices we make-

To the sentences we form-

To the stories we tell-

To the clothes we wear-

To the paintings we admire-

To the movies that we watch-

To the sports that are played-

To our posts on social media-

Creativity is what keeps our world propelling forward with innovation and has the ability to change perspective.

During the time of social distancing, it is easy to feel stagnant in our thought process, imagination and dreams. However, it is through the practice of maintaining the creative mind that we will be able to flourish in spite of the noisiness of the outside influence of the world.

Professor Geerling shared a few practices to maintain and enhance the creative mindset through “giving yourself permission to do what you love” because “once you follow what you love, passion will express it.”

Oftentimes it can feel like we are constantly being told what to do or what not to do through the education system, our family and friends, and social media. However, once you allow yourself to do what you love, a deeper passion will support the creative mindset that is the depths of each and every person’s heart.

Geerling then went on to suggest “learn what came before you.” She gave the example that when writers are beginning this process they often go through “a mimicry stage,” where the author is mimicking the form of another authors way of writing which eventually will mold into a form that works for their own personality.

Another way you can expand your knowledge about your passion is by taking a philosophy class because “it introduces you to different types of thinking while encouraging you to challenge your own ways of thinking,” according to Professor Geerling.

She went on to state “if you follow your own passion you will find people to admire in that field and see if they have done a podcast, written a book, or have a TED Talk.”

If you are in the process of discovering the depths of your creative mindset, I strongly encourage you to listen to the Dream Big Podcast by Bob Goff or watch this video about kickstarting your creativity.

Although at the moment there are many social restrictions, thankfully there are no restrictions to the infinite amount of dreams that our minds create. It never stops and is an everyday practice that will give us momentum to continue fighting the good fight. 

With the growth and evolvement of the creative mindset it can at times feel uncomfortable. However, it is through the action of change that the beauty of creativity is illustrated.

Follow that vision. Ignite that dream. Radiate the spark of hope that is impressed on your heart. There are no limits when it comes to our creativity; embrace it.

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