III Points music festival comes to Magic City

Michelle Castano     


Music, art installations and lights oh my! III Points Music festival took place in Wynwood [Miami] from Feb. 15-17. The Wynwood neighborhood is known for its decorated murals that have been graced with artworks from artists including Audrey Kawasaki and Shepard Fairey [OBEY movement].
  According to III Points, this eclectic music festival is a platform that showcases Miami’s up and coming music acts, along with local artists from many disciplines, by placing them alongside the greatest musical and artistic minds in the world. Musical acts included Sza, Pussy Riot, Erykah Badu and Yaeji to name a few.
  In its sixth year, III Points has become a staple for the Miami community. Originally, the festival took place in mid-October; moreover, this is the first year in which III Points has moved its date to mid-February. 

According to Travis Acker, who does public relations for III Points and dj’s under the pseudo name, “Ackdaddy,” said there were many reasons for the date change. Not only did October land on hurricane season, there was also a Zika virus scare at some point. Festival organizers agreed that February was a better date since it would be the beginning of festival season. III Points would be like an appetizer for the following festivals including the SoBe Food and Wine festival and Ultra music festival.
  There were approximately seven different stages and venues for the artists to perform which were titled, Mind Melt, Main Frame, Sector 3, Istoropic, Boiler Room (Disco Halal), Door IV (Extra Credit) and Skate Space (Space Tapes). The Skate Space room was actually a skating rink were guests were able to skate around while a DJ was performing his/her set in the middle of the rink on an elevated cylinder stage. Certain stages were dedicated to specific genres; for instance, the Isotropic stage mainly housed electric dance music and techno acts like Honey Dijon.
  Infamous Russian punk group, Pussy Riot performed on the Sector 3 stage. They are notorious around the world due to their songs about protesting the Russian government and President Putin. According to Pussy Riot, freedom of speech is outlawed in Russia and citizens can even get incarcerated for liking “memes” on social media. 

Their biggest stunt was when they crashed the FIFA World Cup final game which was prospectively held in Russia. Even though their songs are in Russian, the English-speaking audience at III Points were able to decipher what they were signing about through a video screen where Pussy Riot depicted videos, image, and messages to the audience.
  Sza was slated to perform on the “Mind Melt” stage. She hinted to the audience that she was going to produce her second album. Her debut album garnered four Grammy nominations from the U.S. Recording Academy. Sza has musical influences of soul, R&B and hip hop. She covered the famous 90’s song “Kiss Me” from the band “Sixpence None the Richer” and towards the end of her performance set, she asked the audience what closing song they wanted to hear. The audience chose her melodic, striped down song, “20 Something.”
  Aside from music, art was also a focal point for the III Points music festival. Multi-dimensional artist, known as Haiileen featured site specific installations. Among her colorful structures, she created a fluorescent light sculpture inside a shipping container. Her colorful artworks were the perfect backdrop for the quintessential “music festival picture.”

According to ladderandkey.com, Haiiileen is an interdisciplinary artist who specializes in developing immersive environments that include large-scale light sculptures. Recently, she created an immersive color sensory room, with mostly iridescent silver tones at the Young at Art Museum in Davie, FL. 

Further information can be found on the music festivals website, iiipoints.com or their Instagram handle, titled “iiipoints.” 


Photo: Erykah Badu performing at the Mind Melt stage at III Points.        Michelle Castano/The Observer