Top 5 Shows College students should watch

Elliot Tritto

Central Bureau Chief


Everyone can agree that transitioning from high school to college is stressful. It’s the period where we learn how to manage our time, rely on our ourselves, understand the importance of working hard, go through crappy break-ups, and above all, how to invest.

Sometimes in life it’s nice to forget these stressful times and to watch something entertaining. I’ve compiled a list of shows in which I feel everyone going through this phase can sympathize with. So, let’s dive right in the top 5 shows that every college student should watch. (Just a heads up, this list is not ranked just listed as is.)

  •  The Daily Show with Trevor Noah on YouTube, Comedy Central and Hulu

   This critically-acclaimed Comedy Central show resides as a political talk show that gets to your funny bone. Hosted by South African’s Trevor Noah, the show does a great job of keeping the public informed while keeping our interest as to why the episode’s topic is important. Often, Noah does this by comparing his stories of growing up in a third world country to a specific story. Additionally, we have guest and correspondents bring in refreshing remarks and making points of controversy to seek out the truth. With an open mind, the audience explores many relatable issues while laughing our butts off.  

  • Twilight Zone on Hulu and Amazon.

       Rod Serling’s stellar blast from the past provides a significant yet psychological enduring show that asks questions about the fabric of society. I often catch myself putting an episode on from time to time and accidentally watching a whole season without even realizing it. It’s that good, ladies and gentlemen. Twilight Zone succeeds by creating innovative scenarios with a sci-fi and fantasy flair to instruct and entertain us. One of the many great aspects of this show is that you don’t need to start from the beginning. Just simply pick an episode and you’ll have TV’s version of LSD cause man, it’s trippy.

  • Love on Netflix

        Here we have a show that reveals itself as a dramedy that undergoes the struggle of existing in a relationship. One of the hardest truths to accept when one participates in a relationship is, you’ll learn a lot about yourself that you don’t catch yourself doing.  Love stars Gillian Jacobs and Paul Rust and was created by Judd Apatow, Lesley Arfin and Paul Rust. Throughout the show, we see our protagonists experience the many challenges of maintaining a relationship through drama at work, jealous exes or simply understanding how important it is to be honest with one another. Often when college students start dating, we’re confused, awkward and instantly become embarrassed. Love shows these aspects in a comedic yet realistic way about how to go through the struggles of dating and what to expect.

  • Comedians in Cars Getting Coffee on Netflix

I know what you’re thinking. Really? A talk show about nothing? Part of the problem most college students have about watching tv shows includes that we must know certain events, references and/or previous season we haven’t see or know yet. Hosted by Jerry Seinfeld, this relaxing talk show takes guests around in comfortable and antique cars. Many guests spend their time talking about current events, funny stories and how to overcome certain obstacles in life. Much like the Daily Show and Twilight Zone, you don’t need to watch any previous episodes to understand what’s gong on. Also, it’s best to experience watching an episode when you wake up in the morning, drinking coffee.

  • The Punisher on Netflix

To end my list, includes a very dark show. I know that you were hoping for something light to wrap up the list but people say, when darkness comes, light shall prevail. We see Frank Castle, aka the Punisher, undertake the mental trauma of serving with the Marines and his family assassinated. Fun life, right? The Punisher reveals many themes of the seven deadly sins, what you do in the past can affect your future, why honor and family go a long way and what people do sometimes to do the right thing. College students can value the struggle of how to cope with loss alongside dealing with eternal stress of what your purpose in life is. Season 2 is out now on Netflix.

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