First generation college student shows passion for academics, sports

Christopher Stauffer

Photography Editor

Angela Norris is a first-generation college student attending Broward College with the desire to pursue a major in business administration and management. She is a full-time student, in her second year. She attends Broward College on a full scholarship because she is the pitcher on the women’s softball team.

Norris has been playing softball since the age of 9. After playing softball at South Broward High School for four years, she was offered a scholarship to BC. One of the main reasons she accepted the scholarship was that the Ft. Lauderdale native has been raised with horses her entire life and is an avid rider.

Her two horses, Kelly and Delilah, are stabled between Central and South Campus. Since riding has always been her passion, remaining local provides her with the opportunity to ride and care for her horses. The women’s softball team plays in the Fall and Spring semesters. As the pitcher, some of her best experiences have been when she is put in a game and does well.

Her favorite part of participating in softball is the team bonding. There are 24 women on the team.

“When you all like each other, you play for each other and end up doing very well.”

Not only is there a great deal of talent on the team, there are many friendships. In addition to playing ball, team members are also required to complete community service hours. Some of the community events that the team has participated in include beach clean ups and packaging food for Thanksgiving to donate to the homeless.

Though the coach has always assisted players to keep on track when it relates to study hall, workouts, and practice, this past year with the movement of the assistant coach to the head coach position, the drills have changed and batting averages have gone up.

Some of her favorite things about Broward College include the activities, and tutoring. Additionally, she believes that is it “financially smart to get an AA” at BC and then transfer, especially if undecided on a major. So far, her favorite class has been Art Appreciation.

“I love history and I love art, that class puts it all together.”

At this point she is not sure about where she will transfer after completing her AA degree. She is not even sure if she will continue to play softball as she continues her education.

“Universities do not give out full-ride scholarships for softball.”

She also recently began to coach with her father and finds it enjoyable.

“Maybe it is time to start giving back.”

Her advice to incoming students regardless if they participate in sports, is something that coaches have always told her, that the focus should remain on school.

“Juggling school and softball can be difficult but it’s worth it. It may seem like everyone is doing their own thing but there is something going on every week,” said Norris. “Everyone is trying to find themselves, find out who they are. Get involved; you will be able to find out where you belong.”