Broward College works to ease transfer process for students

Sara Varela


Following in the efforts to provide an easy transfer for students graduating with their AA or AS, Broward College recently signed two additional articulation agreements, also known as transfer agreements.

These agreements establish requirements and guidelines for students to follow in order to guarantee the continuity of their education after obtaining their Associates at BC.

Although Florida established a 2+2 statewide articulation agreement, which established that any student who received an AA degree at any college within the Florida College System is guaranteed admission into the State University System, BC is working independently to establish more thorough and specific documents to help certain high-demand degrees.

Florida’s 2+2 has been a national leader for decades, since its creation in 1971, and its implementation has facilitated the transfer process for students across Florida’s colleges and universities. Transfer agreements are usually aimed for students completing their AA degrees.

However, BC’s efforts are to create agreements to include students completing their AS degrees and encourage prospective students to complete their first two years at the College and later transfer seamlessly into a university.

BC’s latest transfer agreement, with Florida International University, allows students graduating from BC’s international centers to attend FIU as juniors with a transfer scholarship.

Previously, the college signed an agreement with Florida Agricultural & Mechanical University (FAMU) to establish the transfer of BC students with an AA degree into any Bachelor’s degree at FAMU.

It also states that FAMU will grant annual scholarships to eligible graduates according to their cumulative GPA. BC also has transfer agreements with five other universities, including Florida Atlantic University and St. Thomas University. The agreement with FAU addresses the specific AS degrees of Criminal Justice, Early Childhood Education, and Global Trade & Logistics.

Additionally, the largest agreement currently in place, with Western Governors University, addresses the transfer of students with AS degrees in Early Childhood Education, Health Informatics, Computer Science/Information Technology, Accounting Technology, Marketing, and Business Administration into specific Bachelor’s degrees.

BC international students also benefit from these agreements. With Florida Gulf Coast University, international students with an AA or AS degree are guaranteed 50 percent off tuition when they transfer into any Bachelor program.

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